I am going to keep going until I succeed – or die. 

  • Harry Potter

For Inga, it all began at kindergarten, when Inga began her little business of drawing pictures for other kids to color as an exchange for different favors or simply candies. It continued to the secondary school, where she kept making art class assignments for other kids. And it sounds like it will smoothly turn into having an art degree and ending up in the Flying Needles Tattoo, but her path was not as even.

While living in Latvia and finishing school, she was constantly brainwashed about how important is to find a job that will bring money. Yes, not JOY – money. As for difficult family status, she had to use all her energy to study and get best possible grades, so she can have a chance to get a free spot in University (yes, you usually have to pay). And she did! Economic faculty. And her life turned into, as she calls it, ‘zombie mode’. Full time studying and working 40+ hours per week. 

She got that crazy idea, that she could be a tattoo artist as a hobby. So she asked extra shifts and made enough money to get to a short course of “How to tattoo”. She got all the equipment she needed, but she simply didn’t have energy and time to do things. Moreover, she couldn’t find anyone who would take her as apprentice at that time. So slowly she gave up.

But her story didn’t end. Together with her couple, she moved to Denmark. Began studying Financial Management, and did pretty good, but she never felt like she fits in. Denmark gave her one more chance. Opportunity to look inside and figure out who are ‘you’. She found universe deep inside. And got her first tattoo on her chest, to never forget it is there. 

She found herself diving into art again, deeper and deeper. Trying out different mediums and techniques. Failing, but getting up and starting again, learning on her mistakes. Soon, she got her Bachelor degree, but she knew she will never be accountant or bank employee.

Instead, she sees her future self being independent, working hard by doing things she loves, such as creating art and tattooing people. She never felt so alive. She is part of FlyingNeedles Tattoo shop now, and she will do her best to show she is worth the given chance. Her journey is just about to begin…

Where she gets inspiration or some weird facts you might want to know.

  • She is Sagittarius and she believes that zodiac sign influence personality
  • Her grandmother was fortune teller, so she considers herself a witch
  • Helpless Harry Potter fan, belongs to Ravenclaw house, but would fit in Slytherin too
  • Loves playing PlayStation, prefers story mode games to not get addicted
  • In free time practices broom fly… uhm.. pole dance and sport.
  • If could choose one superpower it would be the one that stops the time, so she can see all Netflix TV shows read all teenage fiction books and do not feel unproductive!
  • She is positive and light, despite her black outfit and humor.
  • INARTBEE is her nickname/web name, that stands for IN-Inga ART and BEE-be a bee, what means work hard as bee in your art.

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